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R01 grant awarded

Our R01 grant from the NIH to develop methods to study cell-cell adhesion has been successfully renewed. Congratulations to all the lab members.

Ramesh's and Andrew's paper published in PNAS

Ramesh's and Andrew's co-first author paper, entitled Inside-out regulation of E-cadherin conformation and adhesion was published in the July 27th issue of PNAS. Congratulations Ramesh and Andrew!!!

Link to paper

Andrew and Ramesh defend their Ph.Ds

Ramesh and Andrew successfully defended their Ph.Ds. They did an awesome job. Congratulations Dr. Ramesh Koirala and Dr. Andrew Priest.

New R01 grant awarded

Our lab has been awarded a new R01 grant from the NIH to study mechanosensitive cadherin adhesion and its regulation. Congratulations to all the lab members. Click on the NIH RePORTER link below to access details on the grant:

Grant details on NIH RePORTER


Shafraz's manuscript published

Shafraz's and Bin's manuscript entitled Mapping transmembrane binding partners for E-cadherin ectodomains was published in the December 2020 issue of PNAS. Congratulations Shafraz and Bin!!!!

Link to the manuscript