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We would love to work with you....

We are actively recruiting postdoctoral researchers with an expertise in instrumentation, particularly scanning probe and single molecule fluorescence microscopy. Potential projects will tightly integrate cutting edge microscopy, biophysics and cell biology.

We are also actively recruiting graduate students with an interest in integrating biophysics and cell biology. We welcome you to visit the lab and meet the group.

Confocal microscope installed

Our new Leica STELLARIS 5 microscope has been installed in Room 49 Kemper Hall. Capable of three color laser scanning confocal, phase contrast and DIC imaging.

We are very excited to do new science with it.........

Andrew and Ramesh defend their Ph.Ds

Ramesh and Andrew successfully defended their Ph.Ds. They did an awesome job. Congratulations Dr. Ramesh Koirala and Dr. Andrew Priest.